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"We think everybody deserves a personal organizer - and we ourselves certainly deserved one too! Thanks to Tess our crammed attic storage was cleared out and is now well-organized. She knows how to put things to order fast and in a most enjoyable way. Thanks so much!" The Van Bommel Family, The Hague

"Thank you for the 'emptiness' you brought into my life!"
Maarten van den Biggelaar, founder of Quote Magazine, Amsterdam |

"Time! All those extra hours I can put into my practice now... Tess' talent for organizing is worth its weight in gold. Is it expensive? I already earned back my investment. I highly recommend The Organizing Firm, both for private and business purposes. Tess is a professional, she is discreet and has humor, just when you need it".
Martine Meijer, Jungian psychoanalyst, The Hague | www.
"Thanks a million for your help - I thought I would never be able to conquer my paperwork, but thanks to your professional approach we made it happen!"
Miriam Mager, Zevenhuizen

"I didn't think I would easily hire somebody to help me organize my server, files and mail. Tess came - and what a blessing. Our morning together turned out to be a pleasant organizing session, not the agony I feared it would be. Everything is neatly organized now in a new, accessible mapping structure. It is such a relief never to search in my computer again for a certain document that I was certain I placed somewhere. My employees all have an empty, clean desk at the end of the day, and so have I. I was given more space, physically and mentally, to work on my own specialty: designing beautiful new purses".
Floor van de Water, Design & Branding by LouLou, The Hague |

'Hiring an organizer to get rid of things - we thought it too decadent and a typical sign of the times of abundance in which we live. However: we really had a serious problem - we believed we needed more closets. We also considered renting storage space, as we do not have a garage or large shed. That seemed a good possibility. But at some point we were thinking: why not save the money for storage space and invest in a professional organizer instead? We agreed: if she turns out to be nice, we will give it a shot. At our first meeting it clicked immediately. She was no patronizing lady who scrutinized us. She also was very capable to adapt to the peculiarities of our household. We worked three mornings. We shed over 600 books, 6 garbage bags of toiletries (we had no clue that you should discard them after a year or so) and took 6 trailers of stuff to be recycled or to garbage dump. We did not need the extra closets anymore, our home is much roomier and there even are empty shelves. Tess worked very hard and inspired us with her enthousiasm for organizing. What could have been agonizing mornings, turned out to be valuable, inspiring moments, with tremendous results. So go for it!"
Hedzer en Lidwien van der Velde, Leiden

"Again: many, many thanks. I went on the rest of the day; this decluttering has an effect on the rest of the house! I came across verious other loose papers, that are now neatly stored in my files or in my 'To Do'-file. I am looking around my office with joy. My desk is tidy and clean 94% of the time and I hardly need to look for any paper anymore. Wonderful!"
Aletta Tuizenga-IJzendoorn, owner Nana Pearl, The Hague |

"Thanks to the good and useful advice of The Organizing Firm it is even more easier to adapt Het Achterhuis to a specific function, be it a meeting or a luncheon. By suggesting small but essential changes, everything fell into place and calm and space were created. We also loved the fact that Tess gave some good ideas for our home interior. By keeping the existing furniture and removing some parts it now breathes unity and peace. We are very satisfied with your advice!"
Fryke Wouda Kuipers, owner Het Achterhuis, Rotterdam

"At work I am very organized. At home however, it was a mess. Piles of paper at my desk, gathering dust for months. I could hardly find anything. After an organizing session with The Organizing Firm my whole 'administrative life' is back on track again. Everything is neatly arranged in files and my study is permanently tidy, without too much trouble. Highly recommended!"
Director (male, 56), The Hague

"My wardrobe is, thanks to Tess, accessible again. In four hours we went through all clothes. If necessary, I tried some on. Everything is hanging sorted by color. As we made visible stacks of clothes, I now know exactly what I have and what I should buy (or not!). I came across clothes I did not know I had... It gives me an organized feeling".
Medical professional (female, 50), The Hague