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In everyone's life there comes a time when you question yourself: what will I leave behind, after I have gone? And you do not have to be old or sick to do so. Why would you want to burden your children or loved ones with having to go through your piles of papers and boxes full of personal stuff after you have passed away? And are your relevant documents well-organized? You will be doing your loved ones a great favor if they do not have to look anxiously for a certain document or a set of spare keys.

The Organizing Firm helps you make an inventory of all relevant documents and file them in an accessible way (e.g. your will, mortage papers, et cetera). The same goes for practical matters (e.g. sets of keys, updated address lists, passwords). Getting organized will provide rest, and will prevent unnecessary stress and ease the burden of your loved ones in sad times. 

The Organizing Firm is affiliated to, a company that offers digital aftercare, such as gaining access to inherited devices and securing on- and offline data.

For further inspiration, please view this short movie: The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning.

€60,-- excl. VAT per hour and exclusive of traveling expenses. Please contact us to set up an appointment for a free initial discussion of about half an hour.



Your closets are full. You have had it with the piles of paper in your house. You are going to live in smaller premises. A divorce. A collection that is actually in your way. A towering stack of records. You have come to live and work in the Netherlands, but don't know which removal box to unpack first.

The Organizing Firm thinks along with you to help create order. Sustainability is important to us: things you do not use or want anymore, might deserve a second life. We are committed to dispose of trash in a sorted way (glass, plastic, paper). The Organizing Firm can also arrange for disposal of your stuff or selling it (online) for a small charge.

€60,-- excl. VAT per hour and exclusive of traveling expenses. Please contact us to set up an appointment for a free initial discussion of about half an hour.



Is your household well-organized? Does it run smoothly? Is your garage full of stuff, with no space for your care and bikes? What can be done better? Time for the Quick Scan by The Organizing Firm! An experienced and qualified professional organizer will visit your home for a fresh look at your household (one hour). She will give useful tips you can immediately implement on how to declutter and store items in a smart way, in your kitchen, other rooms or even your whole house.

€50,-- excl. VAT per hour; limited to the greater The Hague area. Please contact us to set up an appointment.