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virtual organizing


In these trying times of Covid-19 it seems as if the certainties we have come to know as 'normal' have vanished. Social distancing and quarantine have become a part of our lives. Your children use the kitchen table for their school projects and homework, your partner turned the bedroom into an office and you try to find your own space to get some work done. And so your home is suddenly turning into chaos: stuff everywhere, clothes, cables, screens, piles of paper. In chaotic and stressful times it is even more important to live in a well-organized, cosy home - where you can find peace and calm. 

Virtual organizing means that you connect with me on your device (phone, ipad, computer) through Facetime, Skype or Whatsapp video (I will not come to your house or office, there will be no physical contact). I will guide you from a distance in organizing your projects: your house, kitchen table or closets: anything goes. A stable internet connection is all it takes. After setting up an action plan, we go to work together. At the end of the organizing session we will evaluate if all went according to plan and if need be, we can plan a new appointment. 

Please contact us for a free initial discussion of about half an hour.

Cost: €50,-- (excl. VAT) per hour. Of course, you don't pay any travel expenses. This will get you:

- a full hour of undivided attention of an experienced professional organizer

- tips and tricks for lasting results

- up to a month after the organizing session: contact per email in case of questions or need for advice.