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The Organizing Firm was founded by Tess Wouda Kuipers (1961). She grew up in the province of Friesland, studied international law in Leiden and worked for years as a diplomat in The Hague and in various locations abroad. The experience she gained is many-sided: as a lawyer, policy maker and networker, as well as protocol expert and promoter of the Dutch business sector. She was also staff & management consultant as well as coach. She has a good command of languages and speaks English, French and German.

Watching many people around her struggle with unpacked removal boxes, illogical working methods and poor time management inspired her to become a professional organizer. She puts her talents for arranging, planning and organizing into action in order to help others in a practical way. She was trained to become a Professional Organizer by Organizing Works (registered in The Netherlands as an officially recognized programme by CRKBO).